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A Bit About Us

Sherwood Foster, oilman and rancher, with his wife Myrtie, brought children to live at the first house on campus in 1960.  The home was eventually named in their honor in 1972.  Since its humble beginnings, Foster’s Home has served over 4,000 children and is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.  Because of dreamers like the Fosters, hurting children have a place to call home.  Children today are counting on others to carry on the dream begun by these pioneers.  Your help is essential to ensure that Foster’s Home serves children for many more years to come.


Sherwood and Myrtie Foster’s Home for Children has embraced the Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care as the conduit for implementing its mission to children and families suffering from violence, neglect, abuse, addiction, racism and trauma. Sanctuary is based on trauma theory and systems theory, which makes it particularly effective for an entire organization. Sanctuary is based on the idea that healing from trauma, stress and adversity requires creating an environment that promotes healing.

Current State of the Agency

More than just bricks and mortar, Foster's Home is a testament to the strong commitment of our board, the tireless dedication of our staff, and the abundant generosity of our donors. Together, we've weathered every storm, and together, we'll light the way for the children in our care.

  • Foster’s Home for Children is an Accredited Charity by the Better Business Bureau, having met their 20 standards of accreditation by the Better Business Bureau for each of the last 15+ years.

  • Foster’s Home for Children owes no debt.

  • From 2006-2011, over $4 million was invested in campus expansion and renovation.  2020 saw the completion of our Vision2020 Capital Campaign, which invested another $4.5 million in further expansion and improvements. 

  • The mission of Foster’s Home is to “provide sanctuary and healing to children of trauma.”  To accomplish this, we have implemented the Sanctuary Model®, and have been a certified Sanctuary site for over 10 years.

  • We regularly achieve over 99.9% compliance rating on state licensing standards.

Neighborhood Team

Committed to the Cause

Michelle Rudloff Picture.jpeg

Michelle Rudloff

Accounting Manager


Ashley Hall

VP of Development

Harriet Frazier

VP of Children’s Services

Andy Headshot.JPG

Andy Brewer

VP of Physical Plant

Doug Young


Board of Directors

Krista Anderson
Boutique Owner - Gail, TX

Mike Blevins
Energy Industry Consultant — Granbury, TX

James “Bo” Cox,
President/Owner of BCD Ventures, Inc. — Baytown, TX

Darla Doty,
Retired — Stephenville, TX

Carole Cates
Retired — Waxahachie, TX

Steven R. Herod
District Judge — Eastland, TX

Jeff Jeffries
j/p Installations — Granbury, TX

Phil Uhrhan
Retired — Houston, TX
Earl Krieg, Jr.
Sr. VP of Engineering, Keystone Petroleum — Whitney, TX
Clinton Nix
ey/Rancher — Abilene, TX
Steve Parker
Realtor — Lubbock, TX


Steve Smith
District Judge — Bryan-College Station, TX

John E. Terrill
Retired Erath County District Attorney — Stephenville, TX



Foster’s Home is blessed by a very powerful and effective board of directors. This board has over 175 years of combined service to our donors, children, and staff at Foster’s Home.  The longevity and composition of our board ensures the broadest base of wisdom we can assemble, as well as the stability that comes from service over several decades.  All of these men and women are faithful Christians who bring years of experience from various backgrounds to their oversight of Foster’s Home.  Before serving as a board member for the Home, each one must be approved by the elders of the Graham Street Church of Christ.  This is a part of our corporate bylaws, and provides a check and balance to the makeup of the board.  We thank these volunteers who offer many hours and drive many miles at their own expense to lead and guide the Home.

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