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Placement at Foster's Home

Foster’s Home accepts public and private placement of children at 3 Levels of Care: Basic, Moderate, and some Specialized. We are a nonprofit agency providing residential group care. We are supported by Churches of Christ and interested individuals. We provide services for children from throughout Texas. Children are accepted through private placements, Juvenile Probation departments, and Children’s Protective Services. Children in placement at Foster’s Home are raised in a family home setting, living and learning through The Sanctuary Model®.  They attend weekly church services, are involved in the Erath County 4-H program, and attend Stephenville Independent School District. 

Foster’s Home for Children provides a tutoring program called Achievers for each of our youth. Each student comes for tutorials for one hour on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This program provides certified teachers to help the youth with their homework and to help the student learn any concepts that they may have missed during their previous school years.  At Achievers, the high school youth work on their “My Future” book.  This involves looking at job opportunities, technical schools, colleges, and universities that they may be interested in attending.  They investigate the cost, the admission requirements, the degrees offered, housing, etc.  The Achievers mission statement is :  As teachers of the Achievers’ Program, our mission is to create a non-violent environment that encourages students to work to their highest capacity, doing required schoolwork completely and timely, and to explore new avenues of knowledge and skill while feeling safe in the classroom at all times.


What placing your child at Foster’s Home means

  • They are cared for by two full-time caregivers

  • They will attend one of the finest public school systems in the State

  • They will receive regular mental health counseling

  • They will receive regular spiritual instructions as part of a faith-based ministry

  • They will receive intensive tutoring to help them succeed in school

  • They will be afforded many enrichment opportunities (i.e. camps, trips, hunting/fishing excursions, 4-H and FFA involvement, etc.)

  • We will look at your child through the lens of “what happened to them” rather than “what’s wrong with them”

What placing your child at Foster’s Home doesn't mean

  • You don’t love or want your child

  • You lose your parental rights to your child

  • You cannot withdraw your child from care at any time

  • You are a bad parent

  • You lose involvement in your child’s life

If you think that Foster’s Home For Children is the home away from home that your child needs, please access the Application for Placement below. You can either fill out the application on your computer, save it, and e-mail it directly to; or you can print the application and fill out by hand and mail to:

Foster’s Home for Children

Attn: Harriet Frazier

P.O. Box 978

Stephenville, TX 76401

If you have any further questions regarding your child and the possibility of placement at Foster’s Home, please contact:
 Harriet Frazier by email or telephone, 254-968-2143 ext. 284.

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