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In August 2018, a new program debuted at Foster’s Home for Children. The SOAR (Safety, Ownership, Advancement, Responsibility) House opened its doors to accept up to seven young adults. The program is designed for young adults from ages 18-22, who have aged out of foster care and need a base of support beneath them as they transition to life on their own. This independent living program is ideally suited to Stephenville, which offers a junior college, a university, and many great employment opportunities. Residents are expected to maintain student status, employment status, or a combination of both. Guidance and counseling will be available for residents as they spread their wings on the runway to a successful adult life.

In 2022, SOAR House #2 was completed!  We now have rooms for 14 young adults who are getting ready to SOAR.


Our Mission

To provide young adults from ages 18-22, who have aged out of foster care, a longer runway to successful independence. Our goal is to provide a base of support beneath them as they transition to life on their own. We will provide a safe environment to learn job skills and/or further education.


S.O.A.R. House Amenities

Each SOAR house contains seven, 550 square foot self-contained apartments. Each apartment includes: Full Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Essential Furniture, and Washer & Dryer.

In-House Guidance

A resident advisor lives on site and is available for 24 hour support and guidance. The advisor is willing to help with:
-FAFSA forms
-Job applications
-Guidance for financial management

-Reviewing career choices

-Teaching independent living skills


Vehicles are available for short-term use when needed. Pubic transportation com- panies serving Stephenville include: -Uber
-CARR (City & Rural Rides)

Local Opportunities

Ranger Junior College

Located within 2 miles of the SOAR house is Ranger Junior College. This 2-year college offers a number of certificate programs:
-Welding -EMT/Firefighting

-Licensed Vocational Nurse

and many more

Tarleton State University

This 4 year college is a NCAA Division I school and is located roughly 5 miles from the SOAR House. TSU offers close to 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as a doctorate in education. Choose from one of 7 colleges:

-Agriculture and Environmental Services

-Business Administration

-Graduate Studies
-Health Sciences and Human Service

-Liberal and Fine Arts

-Science and Technology

Employment Opportunities

Stephenville is home to a number of big manufacturing/ industrial businesses:


-Saint-Gobain Abrasives

-Schreiber Foods
-Emerson Electric
-Tejas Tubular
and many more


Residents of the SOAR house pay rent that is based on assessment of school attendance and/or career. Resident agrees to:
-Random drug tests
-Room inspections
-Periodic assessments to determine the progress towards complete independence.

Resized_20200508_154605 (2).jpeg

“The SOAR house is the home and family I wish I had growing up. When I am in need of help, big or small, I have many people I can turn to. We are a family.”

— Isabella

living room.jpg

“I was is a very bad spot in life when Foster’s not only gave me a safe place to live, but they made it possible for me to go to school, helped me with my groceries, and transporta- tion. There aren’t very many organizations who help young adults who have aged out of foster care. I am extremely thankful the SOAR house exists!”

— Taylor

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